About Us

Fast, reliable and high-quality service guaranteed !

A Aktif Gıda Meşrubat Industry and Trade. A.Ş, we have been providing our customers with a fast, high quality and reliable service in the field of marketing and distribution since 1998. Today, we reach tens of thousands of points with more than a thousand wholesale customers. We have a product range that is expanding day by day, and we are being renewed every day in order to be the primary choice of manufacturers in the sales and distribution process, and we take our company one step ahead. We are working to bring our company to international standards with our customer-oriented service approach and innovative vision. We are developing day by day with our logistics equipment and stock control systems in line with today's technology and we aim to reach more points without compromising our service quality. We keep our products in hygienic conditions in our environmentally friendly warehouse that is sensitive to recycling.

With our dynamic field sales team, our fleet with vehicle tracking system and our large logistics staff, we are working diligently to provide you with a better service in our 8000 square meter open/closed warehouses and head office in Bahçelievler. As Aktif Gıda, we continue our investments without slowing down in order to provide a faster and higher quality service to our customers with confident steps we have taken in line with our goals. We also provide service to the Anatolian Side from our warehouse in Maltepe. We continue to expand our distribution network and sales regions and diversify our product and customer portfolio.